The 2.6 Challenge

Have you been inspired by Captain Tom Moore?
Springboard are calling on all the stay at home heroes to support us during the pandemic.

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Anyone can take on the challenge!

All you need to do is dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 that suits your skills and complete it on Sunday April 26 – when the 40th London Marathon would have taken place.

This could be something as simple as pledging to run or ride 2.6 miles as your daily exercise, holding the plank for 2.6 minutes, or gardening for 26 minutes.

A fun way for everyone to do their bit!!
The UK charity sector estimates it will lose £4 billion in income as a result of the pandemic (NVCO).

With hundreds of events postponed due to the pandemic, thousands of charities have had to reduce or stop services at a time when vulnerable members of society need them most. Springboard are no different and the reduction in our fundraising activities is likely to severely restrict our future work in the community.

The 2.6 Challenge is a simple way for people of all ages and abilities to help save the UK’s charities on Sunday 26 April.

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Could you paint 26 pictures, create 26 LEGO constructions or write a short story with 26 words? You can do whatever you want for the challenge as long as it is based around the number 2.6 or 26.

What a great way to not only support charities but also provide an outlet of creativity for you and your family.