UPDATE 15/07/2020




Dear Springboard Member, 

After more than three months in lockdown, we are now at a point where the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions are now starting to take place in a range of settings. 

We know that many of you may be looking forward to returning to the new normal but for some this may also be a time that brings increased anxiety and complexity.  

As we slowly move into the new ‘normal’, it is increasingly clear that Covid-19 will still be part of our lives for months to come. And we know from speaking to many of you, that you are concerned about the long-term effects of the pandemic on your family, wellbeing, transitioning back into a variety of settings including school as well as finances, not to mention worries over a second wave of the virus and the state of the economy.  

We want to you to know that regardless of how you or your child feels towards the easing of lockdown restrictions and your own personal circumstance, that we are here to support you as best we can now and over the coming months.  

We are aware many of you are really in need of a short break and we are pleased to confirm that Springboard will be delivering summer short breaks throughout August.  

We hope this comes as welcome news to many of you, however we should make you aware that due to government guidance to ensure we are COVID secure we having to make a lot of changes to how we operate this summer. Although we will have to operate slightly differently, the delivery team are all extremely excited about seeing many of you again! 

We want to make it clear, that your child’s safety, health and well-being and that of the staff team is our absolute priority. We are carefully following the government guidance so that this summer, children and young people can have some much-needed fun, and you can have a break. For some of you I know this may be the first in months.  

The changes will mean that we will have to delivery fewer sessions in total, with limited spaces on each session. The sessions will also include enhanced cleaning and the maintaining of consistent groups of children and young people. We aim to keep the sessions as easy to deliver and engage in as possible, with the short breaks team working hard behind the scenes to ensure this is possible so that we can get as many children and young having as much fun and enjoyment as possible as well as a much need breaks for as many of you as possible. 

We appreciate the reduction in sessions and potential short breaks may be frustrating and we would love to be able to offer more. However, like all sectors, we are having to make adjustments to ensure we minimise the risk of COVID-19 and we must ensure we operate in line with guidance and maintain the safety of all of those engaged in our provision.  

The short breaks team will no doubt be in contact over the coming days to communicate planned delivery dates, times and locations combined with requesting additional information from yourselves so we can plan and manage sessions effectively.  

We will also be producing a FAQ to help explain what measures we are taking to operate safely. We will also be continuing to deliver elements of the virtual programme so we have a blended approach to provision. 

We do hope this helps to give you some more certainty about the up and coming summer weeks. As always, please get in touch if you’d like any more information. We will endeavour to communicate updates to service provision as the weeks go on. 

We also have links to other organisations and service providers, so please ask us anything and we will help where we are able to. 

Many thanks and kind regards 

Ben Burt (CEO) and the Springboard team.



Dear Springboard Stay and Play Members, 

After more than three months in lockdown, we are now at a point where the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions are now starting to take place in a range of settings. 

However, play facilities of our nature have still not been given the green light to reopen. Because of this, we are sad to say that the centre remains closed until we further notice.  

 We are unable at this stage to give a clear answer as to when the centre will reopen for stay and play. Updates for settings of our nature have remained minimal and we have no suggestion of a potential date when we will be allowed to reopen.  

This, like many other organisations is having a devasting affect on the charity, but we remain hopeful and busy working behind the scenes to get ready to open our doors again.  

We were hoping to be able to say hello to you once again in July, but as the days go on this looks unlikely and as soon as we know we will get in touch to give further updates. So far, we have installed additional hand sanitiser stations, cleaning stations, screens and are planning a toy rotation system. We are also working through some other measures to ensure safety and minimise potential spread of the virus. 

We currently looking in guidance on outdoor playgrounds to see whether we are able to open our garden up however the viability to do this knowing we cannot open at full capacity remains a real challenge, however, if we can, we will!

If you have any feedback that may help us plan and make you feel safe please do let us know. 

We’ve been truly humbled by the generosity of the people. Throughout lockdown we have seen money raised by fundraising challenges, toys donated, and memberships continue. 

Even though we are a charity and have been impacted quite severely during this current coronavirus crisis, we didn’t feel comfortable just accepting membership income without offering something back.  


Therefore, to show our thanks and support to our Stay and Play members, we have come up with three options for you to choose from.

Option One: Piggy Bank
The Piggy Bank is a credit system designed for you to save money by putting it into an account during the lockdown. By choosing this option, all money that you have given to Springboard for your normal membership will be added your Springboard membership account. This money can then be used for future membership, entry for others, birthday parties or venue hire or in our preloved shop (coming soon!) once we reopen.

Option Two: Support Springboard
As a charity, we rely on donations, membership and other sources of income to keep going. We have suffered a significant loss of income during lockdown and it is projected that challenges lay ahead, particularly as many fundraising events are cancelled. Throughout lockdown, we have continued to support many families including those who have a child with a disability, those in challenging circumstances and those who simply need a friendly phone call or to borrow a toy. By choosing this option, all money that you have given to Springboard for your normal membership, while we have been closed, will support Springboard services.

Option Three: Develop the Centre
We have grand plans to develop the centre for some time now. Some of you will have seen and used the roleplay room and we want to develop the centre further so you can enjoy it more. By choosing this option, all money that you have given to Springboard for your normal membership will be added to our Centre Development Fund, which will support breathing new life into tired areas and new toys.

How do I choose what option?
Simply email with your preferred option. 

What happens if I change my mind or need to pause membership
We understand these are challenging times and your situation may change. If you do change your mind or need to pause membership, simply email

Take care,

Ben Burt (CEO) and the Springboard team.